This term the students in LA14 have been studying a very challenging novel called Wringer by Jerry Spinelli. It follows the challenges faced by a young boy named Palmer who has to face his fears and make some of the toughest decisions of his young life. Palmer has to deal with peer pressure, the problems of growing up without friends, and the conflict of being an animal lover in the face of community sponsored animal cruelty. Not only is it an engrossing story, it has many thought provoking and relevant topics for our year 6 students. One of the activities we did involved the students having to listen closely to the description of Palmer’s bedroom in order to construct a diorama. The results were fabulous and helped to showcase the listening skills and craft skills of the students. For a good write-up of the task have a look at Dorian’s blog. If you’d like to know more about the novel just ask your son or daughter.

Emily’s Diorama

Louise’s Diorama

4 thoughts on “Dioramas

  1. Mr hope I had a great time making these diorama’s! They were great! Thanks Mr Hope for letting us do this.

  2. Hi Mr Hope, it’s been a while, but its Phoebe! I’m currently sitting in my year 8 high-school English classroom, going through your blogs as we are doing blogging at the moment and thought of this. This year’s year 6’s look like they are having a bunch of fun! I’ve loved every thing about high-school, besides the large number of tests and end of year exams. Hope you and your class are doing well.
    -Phoebe D

  3. Dear Mr. Hope, I love the idea of doing diorama’s! They look like a great learning activity to go along with the novel you are reading.

  4. Kensie, the dioramas were great fun, even if they were a little messy and disruptive to the class. It gave the students an opportunity to be creative and to show how they’d seen the scene in their minds. Thanks for visiting our blog.

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