Isolation Inspiration

I think right now we must be reflecting at how lucky we are to be the most isolated city in the world. Of course, that’s not always the case. When it comes to concerts, car parts (for my MG), the latest must-have trends being in WA can be a little frustrating. However, when it comes to a global pandemic… Isolating ourselves from loved ones or friends has been unusual, although I can’t really call it tough or even difficult, such terms should be reserved for those in other places who have been through or seen others go through illness and great loss. As I said, we here in WA have seen fewer victims but the social distancing and isolation was worth it.

For myself, the extra time I’ve had at home has been put to good use. I’ve been able to get more work done on my MGF as I attempt to change the whole suspension setup; I taught my granddaughter to peddle her new bike; I also managed to plant some much needed new greenery in the back garden. Despite my poor arthritic knee suffering from my exertion I think my inspiration during isolation was a revelation leaving jubilation and elation (did that work?).

2 thoughts on “Isolation Inspiration

  1. You must have had a good holiday Mr hope i Hope You have enjoyed it.

  2. It sounds like you were kept busy during the holiday Mr Hope your granddaughter must be very happy

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