Egg-citing Times!

Sometimes even teachers need a little boost to recharge our enthusiasm and remind us of how privileged we are to be in such a great profession. Today we got that boost! In the midst of all the current issues affecting the world we received a blast of light and energy from the very community we serve. Our principal arranged boxes of Easter eggs for the school to deliver to the students and we lined up in colourful attire (and bunny ears) as the community drove through the school to receive their gift. The eggs were immaterial, just a token, what mattered most was that for a brief moment we all reconnected, said “Hi”, waved, smiled and (for a few) shed some tears. School staff, children and parents were reunited, reinvigorated and reminded of the real meaning behind what’s truly important in life. It’s difficult to describe how we actually delivered the eggs without human contact but the images below should give you the idea. It was an absolutely cracking morning, choc full of fun, egg-citement, hoppyness and smiles from ear to ear. It did the trick, better than we could ever have imagined. We’re re-energised, boosted, raring to go and reminded of just why we do our job. Education is one thing, but community spirit is what gives us our bounce (sorry).

5 thoughts on “Egg-citing Times!

  1. I loved seeing all the teachers and wanted to cry 😂😭

  2. I loved seeing all the teachers and wanted to cry 😭

  3. Alivia, it was such a great morning seeing you again. This crazy world!

  4. Wow, it looked like a egg-citing morning, I wish I was there for it!

  5. It was a really awesome morning, Indi.

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