Blogging Task #3

Shocking news broke this evening as it emerged the last chocolate biscuit had been taken from the fridge. This horrific event was met with stunned disbelief when popular local teacher, Mr Hope, decided to treat himself to a late night snack. “I don’t believe it, I’m stunned,” he was heard to say.

Mr Hope tried to get to the bottom of this shocking event but it just proved to be an impossible mystery to solve. He questioned his wife first but, despite her being a well known chocolate biscuit eater, she was adamant that she wasn’t the culprit. “I’m as stunned as you,” she declared, shaking her head as she returned to watching Coronation Street.

Mr Hope showed real tenacity and determination by refusing to give up the mystery and he confronted the last person in the house. “Choccy biccy?” questioned his three year old granddaughter in response to Mr Hope’s tough interrogation tactics. Despite his best efforts he could get no further with his investigation and his granddaughter walked back to her colouring book while licking her fingers.

This shocking, breaking news has shaken this normal family to its sheer foundations and this reporter fears they may never be the same again.

Lost a hairbrush? Someone drink the last cola? Something missing from your bedroom? Turn investigative reporter and write an exciting report about it.

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  1. I didn’t have any of those, so what to do?

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