A Dog’s Life

I came across this great poem from one of the students at Penbank, a school I’ve linked to on this blog (see links below). Have a read and leave a comment if you wish – it’s very descriptive. A Dog’s Life.

2 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

  1. Thank you for sharing my student’s poem. He is a very creative and intelligent young man. I would like to empower y students to create their own personal blogs, so I will encourage them to view your students’ blogs!
    Justin ~ Penbank School

  2. Justin
    Thanks for the feedback. The poem was fabulous and I hope it will be an inspiration for my students. I agree, I think blogs do empower students and are very worthwhile – if hard work! We have looked at your blog several times and it has given us some great ideas, so thanks very much. By the way, we have already had feedback from one of your students – Georgie, back in May. Pass on our good wishes.
    Chris Hope @ Hocking PS

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