Holidays and Salami

Due to some very foreseen circumstances (my holidays in the UK) this blog will be a little quiet for the next 4 weeks. I am hoping to post a few things to keep it ticking along but there will be no new Blogging Tasks for this period. Feel free to keep looking in and check out the students’ blogs; they are not yet on holiday so they should hopefully have new posts to check out.

In the meantime I would like my students to take a few minutes to review your own blogging practice by reading this excellent and important post by Ronnie Burt on, of all things, salami. Actually, it’s not really about salami, but about an eleven year old blogger who failed to check whether the image he posted was free to use. If you wish to include media that’s free to use in your posts then another excellent resource is Wikimedia Commons.

One thought on “Holidays and Salami

  1. Mr Hope

    Hey, it’s me Pat and i would like to say i hope you are having a great trip and what have you done, have you seen big ben. Well anyway i hope you enjoy your stay at the uk.

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