Compare and Contrast is an excellent site that can be used easily on the iPads. It offers panoramic scenes of major cities and sites around the world via overhead, 360 degree views. I’ve used it as a motivation for students writing a compare and contrast text. The students had three columns to fill with dot points: the left column for Hong Kong, the right column for St. Petersburg and the centre column for features similar to both cities. Choosing two cities such as Hong Kong and Saint Petersburg in Russia allows for a variety of features for the students to consider. However, a bonus for me was the stimulation for descriptive oral language which came out of the activity. This makes me think that it could be used for lower age groups for viewing/language lessons where writing isn’t the focus. Where writing is the focus then it becomes quite an inclusive English activity.

Make sure you click on the iPad option to view each panorama if using the iPads.

Thanks to ICT Magic for the link.

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