The End :(

Well, it’s that time of year. The students are leaving and the blogs for 2012 are about to be closed. This has been my first year of blogging with students and I can honestly say that, regardless of my own perspective on blogging, without the enthusiasm and dedication of the students the whole project this year would have failed. A special mention to Jasmine for a great and varied blog and for blogging right up to the end. Also, a mention to Tahlia for being the most prolific blogger. My class has been exceptional this year and I am proud of the progress and achievements they have made. So, from me to you – a huge “THANKS” and have a great holiday. Everyone from LA19 I will give you until the first week of January when I will delete your blogs and also your access to Edmodo. Sad, I know, but I have to be ready for the new students in 2013.

A note for any educators out there, if you’d like to connect and collaborate next year drop me a “Hi” and we can get something organised. Be aware, though, that we are Australian and our school year goes from February to December.

One thought on “The End :(

  1. Thankyou for everything you’ve done on the blogs with us Mr. Hope! Can I PLEASE ask you something?! Can you PLEASE keep my blog and show it to your class next year, and show them whats expected when we blog?! It’ll be great to know that my blog has been shown to other Hocking kids and they know what to work up to 🙂


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