Mini Blogging Task – School Work Post

During first term the students of LA19 listened to the audiobook version of Boom, by Mark Haddon. The listenings were broken up into manageable chunks of around 20 – 30 minutes, then the students had novel study type activities to complete on what they had just heard. Now we are in the process of writing letters to the author. My class last year did something similar with David Walliams, the author of Mr Stink, and we had a fabulous response from him. This year we are hoping for the same, though we won’t be disappointed if we don’t get a response as we still enjoyed the book and have learned so much from it.

However, I would like the students to post a copy of their letter on their blogs as we don’t have much school work posted as yet. Just remember our safety rules and change addresses to made up ones.

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