Blogging Task #6

This week I want you to write about a story from BTN. Think about the stories we saw and write about which one either concerned you most or just interested you. Children have great and valid opinions about the things happening in their world and sometimes need to take a stand and say what’s on their mind. After all, the opinions you have now may effect the type of world we choose to have in the future. When writing consider the points below:

  • Which story concerned or interested you?
  • Did you learn something you didn’t previously know?
  • Does the topic of the story play a part in your life?
  • How do you feel about the story?
  • Do you have any ideas on what should be done?
  • Is there anything YOU can or will do?

If you wish to do any further research on the story you may. Also, you have to re-read your work and you MUST EDIT your writing before you post.

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