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We are coming up to half way through the year and, as I usually do, I need to do a quick check regarding the success of the blogs. Well, on visits alone, using the Clustrmaps, this year is already a huge success. The most visited blog last year only made it to 460 for the whole year, whilst this year two of the blogs are already over 500. The two superstar bloggers are Monika and Georgia. We also have Tiana, Pharyn, and Holly fast approaching 400 visits. This means that I really need to raise my expectations and put a challenge out to see who can be the first to 1000 visits!

The standard of the blogs and the expertise of all the students have exceeded my expectations. The students are totally aware of what it means to maintain their privacy and remain safe online. It is very rare indeed when I have to correct a post because it has given away too much information. Also, the images, headers and backgrounds have all come from the students themselves or from sources which allow re-use.

In all, I am very proud of the efforts of the amazing students of LA19. They have exceeded my expectations of them in so many ways and have become a real credit to themselves, the school and their parents. Well done!

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