Blogging Task #8

This blogging task is all about reflecting on ourselves. We are half way through the year and it is VERY important that we reflect on our own performance and progress during our time in LA19. This task is all about YOU!  Education is a long process and YOU have the biggest responsibility for your own progress and development. So, where do you think you are right now? How do you feel this year has gone so far? Write about your thoughts and feelings regarding your progress this year. You may wish to include some of the points below.

  • What have you enjoyed?
  • What have you not enjoyed?
  • How have you improved in your learning and your personal growth?
  • What do you feel you need to improve. educationally and personally?
  • What are your goals for the rest of the year?
  • What have you learned this year?

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  1. Mr. Hope, Can you post Blogging Task #9 please.

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