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When looking for a blog to highlight it’s very hard to ignore this one from Georgia. The regularity with which Georgia posts on her blog is totally amazing. Not only that, but her blog is so varied and well written it keeps dragging her audience back so they can catch up with what’s going on in her life. Georgia manages to post about school work, school events, the things which interest her and her family life. She’s had so many people visiting her blog in her first half year of blogging that she’s far exceeded anyone who’s gone before her from my class. The practical way Georgia has managed to use her blog to make great improvements in her writing has also underpinned the value of teachers using blogs in their classrooms. Well done, Georgia!

3 thoughts on “Blog Of The Week

  1. Dear Mr. Hope,
    Thank you very much and the more I write at school it helps me write better on my blog!

  2. Georgia, the success of a blog is totally down to the person who owns it, in this case you! Well done on your amazing effort, Georgia!

  3. Georgia, Well done you truly deserved it. 🙂 :0

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