Blogging Task #12

This task is to post some school work. It could be your new persuasive writing, your artwork or even your bike system. I know we haven’t all finished our work, but that means you have even more of an incentive to complete the work.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Task #12

  1. Dear Mr.Hope, what exactly what are Blogging tasks?

  2. Sorry, Mr.Hope but what exactly are blogging tasks?

  3. Dear Rose, blogging tasks are just a way of trying to get the students to think, write and post about different things. These posts can be their favourite class work, their opinions on current affairs, their favourite music, it can even be about trying to get parents involved. I want the students to see their blogs as a positive experience, not just a school thing, but something personal, something about themselves where they can shout to the world about what’s important to them. Hopefully, this will encourage them to write much more frequently and improve at the same time. If you can have a look at my previous posts to see what I’ve done.

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