Blogging Task #13 (Unlucky?)

The end of the school year is now so close we can almost touch it. For those not from Australia, the school year runs from February to late December when we break for our summer holidays and Christmas. As of Wednesday 4th December we have only 12 school days left. For that reason we need to have a review of the year. This post is all about the things you’ve enjoyed, achieved, created, excelled at, in fact anything POSITIVE that you’ll take away with you as key memories from 2013. I’d like this to be a detailed post (especially as for some of you it may be your last) with plenty of descriptions and explanations from your own year. You may even wish to mention your hopes for 2014. Have a look at the points below to give you some ideas (there are many more, but we’ve been so busy I can’t remember everything).

  • Activities e.g. iPad Brushes art, Meccano, podcasts, blogs…
  • Excursions e.g. King’s Park, Soccer, AFL, Swimming, Interschool…
  • Long Programmes e.g. My Place, Boom
  • Subjects e.g. Maths, Phys. Ed., Art, Music, English
  • Friendships
  • Achievements
  • Successes

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