Nearly There

“You can’t rush perfection,” I think someone once said (if they didn’t they should have). This is what I keep telling myself at the moment as I guide the new students through the initial stages of their blogging year. I know it’s true, the students from last year did such an amazing job on the back of the careful preparation they went through before they were allowed to burst onto the ‘net. All year they didn’t just talk about safe online practices they actually used them. Not once did a student give away personal details or information that could leave them compromised. It was just another example of the true usefulness of blogging.

Anyway, the new group have completed their first task, looking at other blogs to see what makes a good one and what makes a bad one (they’re all out there!) and this week they’ll be onto the all important discussions on safety, etiquette and copyright. Not long now!

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