What’s New?

Well, there’s plenty, really, I’ve just been so busy trying to ensure NAPLAN went well, starting reports and keeping the activities flowing that my blog has simply had to wait. Working days, evenings and weekends is just a teacher’s typical lot, but it can mean we get a little wrapped up at times.

Anyway, the list of new “stuff” (our term for the work we do) is quite substantial. We’ve started a couple of new Art projects, a class one and another in partnership with our inspirational Art specialist Ms Sveinbjornsson. Both involve photography, though I can’t yet divulge the details of the class project. However, Ms Svein has introduced the students to the wonderful work of Roy Lichtenstein and we are deep into our attempts to recreate his art using our own photos. As usual, I’ll post the results as soon as we have them.

In History we’re continuing our Roman theme and have recently watched a Time Team video to learn about the scientific process that the archaeologists follow in order to achieve accurate results. The students are using Google Drive to collaborate on their responses to the questions I set for them.

Geography is also plodding along with students using their knowledge from the first term to determine the liveability of a random suburb selected from the real estate papers. Using Google Maps, they look at the facilities in their suburb (schools, parks, public transport, location away from main roads, shops…) to determine its attractiveness to potential residents. They also use Google Maps to look at the images from street level. Although these are now some years old they still have use and add to the information the students collect.

Maths and English are back into normal mode (following NAPLAN test prep) and we can now get back to addressing the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. All in all we are getting back to our usual busy selves, learning, developing and having fun whilst we do it.

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