The Podcast’s Evolved!

Anyone who happens to be a regular visitor to this blog will know that we’ve been podcasting for some time now. Over that time we’ve experimented with various ideas in order to produce a finished product, but at last I think we’ve finally found the best way.

We originally started by doing the whole lot on the iPads using Garage Band. Whilst this was totally adequate for us at the start we found that as our skills developed we needed a better platform that would allow us to be a little more creative. The iPad’s inbuilt microphone proved inadequate when working with large groups and younger students with quiet voices. To compensate for this I purchased the RM Easi-Speak Pro microphone and what a great tool it is (check it out on their site).

Having sorted the microphone out we returned to the iPad and Garage Band to create the theme music with each student producing their own original track. To edit them and put them together I tried Audacity and it worked perfectly (another great integrated learning opportunity for the students). To gauge the final product for yourself check out Rii-Rii’s podcast below. Bear in mind this was a casual, fun first trial!


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