Interview With A Teacher II

It’s been a few weeks since Rii Rii’s last podcast (her amazing interview with Ms Sveinbjornsson), but she’s back with her second episode and it’s equally as interesting. This time Rii Rii interviewed our incredibly talented music teacher, Mr Millar and found out some information we never knew about him. Once again, Rii Rii proves what a wonderful interviewer she is and also how our podcasts can be both educational and fun. Podcasts are a great way of allowing students to demonstrate their language skills in a way that doesn’t usually get heard and Rii Rii certainly does that.



3 thoughts on “Interview With A Teacher II

  1. Hi Mr Hope,
    Ritihia is a great person to interview with. Wow, she is a confident girl and a really good speaker with a sence of humour.

    I wish I could be like that.
    Caitlin 🙂

  2. Dear Mr.Hope
    Ritihia is a very well spoken person. I love the way she goes from non-formal to formal in such an easy way.
    From Phaz <3

  3. WOW Ritihia! What an interesting interview, your questions are so thoughtful and show how much research you have put into the person you are interviewing. The warmth you convey in your voice is well beyond your years and you can hear how at ease Mr Millar is when speaking to you. Well done!

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