As we’re still on our summer hols there remains very little to write about, so I thought I’d copy some of my students and write about my holidays.
Christmas was awesome! We often travel to Waroona and stay with rellies, but this year we followed our old family tradition of getting up late, opening the pressies, having ham and eggs on the barbie followed by a trip to the beach for a cool down in the ocean. Perfect!
After Christmas we hopped on a plane for a fortnight in Lombok and Bali. We spent the first week in Lombok, which was okay, but I won’t be rushing back in a hurry. I know how a lot of people love it there, but it just wasn’t for me. The second week was spent in Nusa Dua on Bali. The hotel was fabulous, but I’d have to say that my heart wasn’t in it. After the week on Lombok my mind had sort of finished its holiday and it felt like the flight to Bali should have been the flight home. We have beautiful beaches here in Perth (better than Bali) and hot sunshine, so I tend to want something different from a holiday. A couple of years ago we toured Vietnam and that was amazing! Maybe we’ll go there again next time.
Since coming home I’ve done some solid planning for my new students in 2015, working out the English, Geography and History topics. That’s pretty much going to continue for my final two weeks, perhaps with a little relaxation thrown in. We teachers never get the amount of holidays people think we do!
And that’s about it. Nothing special, really, my best times have been the ones spent with family. I shouldn’t complain as it will soon all be over and another year with brand new hungry minds will be upon us!

2 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. Our Christmas was similar – we never have a feast over the holidays and we just prefer to have Aunty over to enjoy the company with.
    Maybe if you went to Bali again, you could check out Kuta; we stay there every time we go. From what my parents say, Thailand is beautiful so that sounds good!


  2. Demi, yes, a lot of people have recommended Thailand. We did think of it, but we were spending the first week with friends in Lombok. We also thought we might try Sanua (I think that’s how it’s spelt) next time. The problem with Nusa Dua was there was nothing there; we couldn’t just go out of the hotel for a walk to the shops or restaurants as there weren’t any, so it became a little boring. Ah well, we live and learn. We’re planning a trip to the Gold Coast in June so we’ll see how that goes. Great to hear from you!

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