Saving The World!

Following our last blogging task #4 I was very impressed by the responses from a number of our caring students. I was a little worried when I set the task that some people may have thought that it was too serious, or perhaps unsettling for young students, but I needn’t have been concerned. It’s quite clear that this young generation cares deeply about the world in which we live and that they have the same thoughts and concerns as adults about the things they see happening. The following students have written posts that are both interesting and inspiring: Bianca, Chloe, Lily, SamDinesh, Indianna, Mae,  Jayden, Samantha, TarnikaSavannah, Shantelle.

One thought on “Saving The World!

  1. I love this type of blogging task – I think it’s great for people to know about the things in life that aren’t just ‘perfect.’

    The tagged people have done a great job too!

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