40 Hour Famine

I’m a big supporter of charities, it enables me to feel I’m actually doing something about all the inequalities we see in the world (perhaps even easing my guilt at being so fortunate). Many of these inequalities could easily be resolved with the right will and international leadership, but unfortunately politics and national interests often get in the way. This often means it’s left to the people, the individuals and organisations within a country to take the lead on such important, life changing issues. We, as teachers, should be shouting about these issues at the tops of our voices, giving our students a positive example to follow and encouraging them to become the enablers of positive change. However, some of our amazing youth often beat us to it. One of my former students, Demi, has just completed a 40 hour famine to raise funds for children suffering in poverty. She starved herself for 40 hours in order to make a positive difference to the lives of people less fortunate than herself and to better understand exactly what it is to be truly hungry. Follow the link above to read of her efforts, and while you’re there have a read through her awesome blog.

One thought on “40 Hour Famine

  1. I completely agree with these statements. It should be made more aware of EVERYWHERE!

    Thank you for adding me into the post – it was a great experience that I encourage everyone to try at least once!


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