A new year and a new beginning!

I have to admit that this blog took much more of a backseat last year than previously. 2015 was a strange year, it seemed to be busier than usual and was certainly very pressured with time a rare and precious luxury. With that in mind I need to make a more concerted effort to post regularly on this blog in 2016 (easy to say that now while I’m soaking up the sun on the summer break). In order to keep this blog “busy” I’m planning to diversify a little, perhaps post about local issues and events, or things that simply catch my interest, after all, that’s exactly what I tell the students to do! I still believe that blogging has immense educational value for students and I’m certainly not ready to give up on it.

For teachers, certainly for myself, blogging is all about the students, trying to give them a reason to write, a purpose other than the relentless mundanity of creating yet another text destined (at best) for the classroom wall. The blogs allow for freedom of expression, interest driven creativity, yet always with the pressure of trying to improve – after all, there’s a real chance that grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins just may pop in to see what we’ve been up to. In fact, Australia is such a highly migrant rich environment that a number of my past students have used their blogs to keep in contact with relatives around the world. Admittedly, not every student takes to their blog, whilst some regularly keep their blog updated and grow a steady and interested following, others are lucky if they manage a post every couple of weeks. However, that’s often the point, the students who have lots to say and are enthusiastic to write need to be nurtured and given a ready outlet and that’s exactly where their blog comes in.

As my mum used to tell me, I’ll just have to “pull my finger out” and make much more of an effort in 2016.

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