An Old Blogger

Blogging has been such a great tool for me over about the last ten years of my teaching career. I’ve spoken before about the many educational benefits of blogging in the classroom (check them out if you wish) and I’ve always been pleased when students take to their blog with enthusiasm. No-one I’ve taught has demonstrated more enthusiasm than Demi. She actually left our school two years ago, but she chose to keep her blog and post occasionally to let us know how she was going. It’s been great to get her perspective on starting a new high school, getting to grips with the work and routines and making new friends. To read about Demi’s journey take a look at her blog here.

One thought on “An Old Blogger

  1. Thanks for a special post just for me 🙂 I know its been a while since I last posted but I’ve just come into year 10 and its HECTIC! I’ll try and write one today or tomorrow because its a nice way to de-stress! Thanks!

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