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In today’s competitive education market it falls on schools to try to demonstrate to the community what makes them different or better than their competitors. Schools become businesses, competing for customers (I like to call these “families”), not dissimilar to the price-wars at the local supermarkets. This is an unfortunate aspect of modern education, although the teachers who work in the schools generally ignore all this and simply carry on caring for the personal, social and educational development of the children in their charge. However, the competition can stimulate some incredible creativity, as happened at Fallingbroome Academy in the UK. Fallingbroome is just a normal, local high school, but what they produced will surprise you. Check out their video here, but make sure you watch it to the end.

2 thoughts on “A School Video

  1. How much time and effort that would have taken to make this! It’s so amazing – I noticed that the camera was consistent and there were no scene changes so it would have been shot all in one go – wow! Looks like an amazing school… 😀

  2. Mr Hope, that video would have taken forever to make, I can not believe you are going to have a go at it next year, GOOD LUCK. The school Fallingbroome seems really cool. 🙂


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