The US Election

As far as I can remember I don’t think another election anywhere in the world garnered as much attention as the recent one in the US between the Democrats and Republicans. My own Twitter and Facebook feeds were constantly full of the often hostile debates between the two presidential nominees, along with their opposing stances.┬áBut the interest wasn’t restricted to adults. The discussions amongst the students showed that this particular election had reached places usually reserved for sports stars, pop stars and friendship chatter to a level never achieved by our own home-grown politicians. The conversations were serious, the opinions well thought-out, and the concerns genuine. As the results came in, the discussions flowed and the students proved they are a generation with their own beliefs, their own values and a depth of hopes and fears for the future that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

2 thoughts on “The US Election

  1. Loved reading your post Chris. Bray and I have talked a fair bit about this election. A highlight of mine was sitting down and watching the 2nd debate with Bray. It was interesting hearing his comments on the issue. It just goes to show he’s not my little boy any more! Growing up so fast!

  2. Donna, yes, the things the students say can be quite illuminating. We see them running around the oval and imagine they’re just kids having fun (which they are), but they listen, pick things up and form quite complex opinions. It’s one of the best parts of the job.

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