Opie Art

The students have been busy this week recreating their versions of the artworks inspired by Julian Opie. Some may recall (if you’re as old as me) the artworks that Opie created for an album cover by the group Blur; if you don’t, then have a look here on the website of the National Portrait Gallery in the UK. The students learnt all about using different layers in Brushes on the iPads to create digital art, similar to the processes used in software applications like Photoshop. Below are three of our incredible results. Compare them to Opie’s works and you’ll see just how good they are.



2 thoughts on “Opie Art

  1. Hi Mr Hope, I hope everything is going great with your new class. I just had a look at Bailan’s, Megan’s and Lily’s art, it looks fabulous, you must of taught them well. I still remember when I did mine and have it on my bedroom wall. I hope your going good and hope your class is behaving. Love the Art.

  2. Kyza, the kids certainly did a great job with their art – Bailan’s was excellent! They’re a great class (but of course I wouldn’t tell them that), but a little more reserved and quieter than last year, less willing to answer questions in case they make a mistake. I’m sure they’ll soon be taking risks and joining in the discussions. I hope everything is working out well, you’re mum said you are enjoying high school. Good luck with the rest of the year.

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