An Eventful Holiday

Well, that was one eventful holiday. It’s quite incredible how much we are sometimes able to squeeze into such a small amount of time. This blog went very quiet over the recent end of term holiday, but there were a few excellent reasons for that. The first reason was that I took my amazing little MGF car on a trip to Margaret River. This was quite a nervous few days, mainly because the MGF doesn’t have a great reputation for reliability, but we made the 900 kilometer round trip without a hitch. The second reason was that I became a grandfather for the first time. This was such an amazing experience and thankfully both mother and baby (Lacie) are doing great. The final and least enjoyable reason was that I had to prepare a presentation to give to the whole staff on the new Digital Technologies curriculum; taking up 4 days of my holiday wasn’t great, but at least it was for a good reason. All in all I had one truly eventful break, but back to school now and back to reality.

My cool MGF

Proud Grandad

2 thoughts on “An Eventful Holiday

  1. Mr hope, I love your little MGF! I’d love to have one of those cars when I’m older!! I’m glad you had a great holiday!

  2. Lily, I love it too. It’s great driving with the roof down. It was my little treat to myself. I always wanted a hobby car and this wasn’t too expensive and is a lot of fun.

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