Sports Stars

Last week the year six students from our school competed against another local school in a number of sports, including netball, football (Aussie rules), soccer and modcross. It’s fair to say we had a pretty good day with all our teams running out comfortable winners. I’ve had the good fortune to be the coach for the girls’ soccer team again this year and was so proud of their efforts in their match. We had an amazing 5 – 1 win, with Lily from our class scoring two of the goals. I know it’s not all about the winning, and that being a teacher I shouldn’t gloat, but WOO HOO! Sorry!

2 thoughts on “Sports Stars

  1. Hey Mr Hope,
    Did any of the other teams win from the school? Great job for all the people who participated at interschool.

  2. Elly, yes, all the teams won. We had a great day, but obviously my focus was on the soccer. Hopefully we can win the big one this year!

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