Special Post

If you’re a fellow teacher then you’ll not only understand, but I reckon you’ll sympathise, too. In Australia, this is term 2, the end of the first semester – report time! Boy, have the last few weeks been busy! As any teacher can tell you, when the work starts to pile up, on top of an already hectic and time-poor day job, prioritising becomes a very important skill. However, that doesn’t mean you simply forget things. Actually, the opposite is closer to the truth, the things we let slip simply lie at the backs of our minds, nagging us and making us feel bad that we simply can’t get to them. Sadly, this blog was one of the things that simply took a back seat, but I now can finally get back to work.

Below are a few photos of some special moments that I’ve been saving up: the students participated in one of Ms Svein’s incredible Art classes, this time outdoors; Denzel created DNA double helix treats for everyone in class to help celebrate his birthday; Lily brought in the medals she’d won through her gymnastics; Paige, Aimee and Kayla created an awesome brainstorm of Australia’s role in World War 1. So many great, special events to help me refocus my blogging efforts.



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