New Year, New Class, New Blogs!

Here we all are again, the start of a new school year with a new class of students and new blogs to start. Our school calendar is different to that of some of our visitors from all over the world (particularly North America and Europe) whose school years begin and end mid year, but hopefully we can still make some international connections as we have done in the past. Over the next few weeks we’ll begin the process of learning about the essentials of blogging such as privacy, safety, posting and much, much more. Once we’re ready we’ll begin posting and, hopefully, make some new friends along the way. Just to be going on with, here are some photo’s I took from my summer holiday – see if you can guess where I went. Oh, just in case any of our old class pop by, I hope you have a great new year at your new high schools!

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Class, New Blogs!

  1. Hi Mr Hope, I love that photo of you. Who is in it with you?

  2. Tahlia, I’m holding my granddaughter while my daughter is standing next to me. It was taken in January in the snow in England. I’m glad you like it.

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