Those Crafty Kids!

Kids can be so crafty, there’s just no knowing what they’ll get up to! One minute they’re looking innocent and sitting quietly, the next thing you know, they’ve gone and done something… well, amazing! Craft and Art are subjects that we love, especially in LA14 and during art with our incredible Ms Sveinbjornsson, but this year I’ve been so fortunate to have inherited students who take this love home. Three students, this week alone, totally surprised me by bringing in wonderful examples of the things they’ve been doing at home. Mya, who has already showcased her creations on her blog (link here) brought in some jewellery that she’d made at home. Erin has taken her art to a totally new level by taking classes outside school, something I don’t think any other student I’ve ever taught has done. Her painting of balls (or gobstoppers, or gumballs – not sure) in a jar is totally beyond anything I could ever hope to produce. Iman produced a beautiful beach scene and, get this, gave it as a gift to Ms Sveinbjornsson! Check out the photos below and get set to be blown away!




5 thoughts on “Those Crafty Kids!

  1. Hi Mr Hope,
    Thank you for sharing my jewellery on your blog! I love to hear that you enjoy my creations.

  2. Wow. I never thought that there where so many crafty kids in our class. Kepp going crafty kids

  3. May, Erin and Iman are so crafty and awesome! Mya, your jewellery is really nice! I’m sure it’ll look great when someone whears it! Erin, your painting is amazing! It’s left me speechless! It’s so realistic! Iman, your painting is beautiful! The colours work so well together and the painting is overall awesome! Congrats to all artists!

  4. Alyssa, you are so right. It’s amazing to have such talents so young.

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