Virtual Holidays

As we fast approach what we teachers call the “pointy end” of the year I’m finding it increasingly difficult to hunt down, and snare that most elusive of beasts – time! I know I talk about time a lot, but it’s possibly the major factor in a teacher’s every waking second; any teacher will tell you, we always want more, we never have enough!

In time we’ve had this last few weeks we’ve been looking at creating virtual tours of our holidays, like a digital alternative to doing the usual boring recount. I tried one first as a trial (this is easily the worst of the class) and the students followed suit. Their creative instincts kicked in immediately and the result was a fun activity (with lots of memories) and some great work. With the 360 vision you can scroll around the image for a great view. Look out for photos, points of interest and read what the students have written. Check out these from Mia, Ruby, Iman and Alyssa (best to ignore mine).

2 thoughts on “Virtual Holidays

  1. Mr Hope,
    I really appreciate you letting us do this instead of plain boring recounts (you were right on that one)!


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