Spot On!

Blogging isn’t easy, especially when the blogger wants to make it interesting. Anyone can tap out a few lines on a blank screen, but to make a blog so interesting that you want to keep going back to read more… Well, that takes talent. Hang on, though, that’s probably getting ahead of myself a little. I’ll rewind a tad and start at the beginning.

Why do I blog? At its basic level a blog is a replacement for the good old trust exercise book. No longer does the optimistic student sit quietly, pouring their thoughts, ideas and creations onto a waiting blank page only to have them received by just one, slightly critical reader – the teacher. Blogs allow the budding author to reach a much wider audience, the whole world (well, those with technology). Blogs can be read by parents, grandparents, distant relatives, other students and yes, the teacher. They allow creativity to flourish and ideas to be set free. Blogs allow the student who truly wants to write (yes, we still have them) the chance to be creative whenever they want. I could genuinely go on, but you get the idea.

However, to be creative a blog has to be varied, not just the same style of post each week, and wow, do we have great blogs. I don’t find blogging easy but these two students have made it seem simple, effortless. If you want a good read check out Grace’s and Elaine’s blogs and you’ll understand why I use blogs. These two girls are spot on when it comes to blogging!

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