Who’s In Charge?

“What are they teaching the kids in school these days?” Ahh, yes, that old chestnut. The famous question that instantly erupts everytime society takes a tumble and topples into into a muddy mess that begs, hungrily, for someone to be blamed. Sadly, this type of comment actually does our wonderful students a huge disservice in failing to recognise the hard work, effort and energy they pour into each day. Kids are kids (obviously) and they’ll make mistakes, but with our help our young buds will grow and blossom. I see it already. The other week I sat with a student, one so keen to learn she’d asked for help (like so many). I rose from my knees and smiled to myself. A student had risen from her chair and had walked to ask another classmate for advice – not a bestie, just one who she knew could help. He was happy to share his learning. Two others were working intently, quite naturally, on a personal project. Three boys were gathered around their books working on a problem, concentrating, talking it through. One girl had risen and walked to support another she knew was confused. I had to grab my camera; it was a great moment. We’d become the type of class where learning was real, where asking for help was natural, where students wanted progress, and where the kids were in charge of their own growth. When the kids take charge, society can brush the mud from its knees and pick itself up – it isn’t about what the schools teach the kids, it’s what the kids are doing for themselves!

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  1. These are the photos of Om and Sidh, right, Om is my friend, Aaradhya’s brother, and Sidh has a brother named Adi. I am guessing that it was in 2020, 3 years ago than 2023.

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