The Best Yet?

What does a good class really look like? To compare two different classes is a bit like comparing apples and oranges (to quote a famous phrase) – they may both be fruits, but the differences are greater than the similarities. Sometimes a class can stick in our memories because they simply sat and absorbed everything we gave them, although this has never been my personal experience. Some stick because thay made us laugh, some may have made us sad, some may have tested our dedication to the job we’ve chosen, and some may have left us with a sense of loss as the door closed behind them. This year, personally, has been great. Of course we’ve had our challenges, after all we’re only human with all the strengths and frailties that humans possess. But this particular group are soaked in personality, dripping with so many different traits and quirks that my days have been a mixture of smiles and successes, hard work, new experiences and real friendships. These personalities, which are all very different, have worked so well together, and that’s totally down to the great students who’ve not only felt free to express themselves but have completely accepted each other, quirks and all. Has this group of students been the best yet? That’s too hard to say, but one thing’s for sure, they’ve been the best that they can be!

One thought on “The Best Yet?

  1. Hello Mr Hope,
    This blog post is amazing I love the little phrase “Its like comparing apples and oranges” . Yes we do just that sit down and take in all the information that you teach us. We don’t always remember the info not saying that’s me but you always are keen to help us and re teach us the thing you previous taught us. Thankyou for being such an awesome teacher. You have taught me lots. Have a good 2022 Mr Happy Hope.

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