Who’s Walter?

LA1 are back in the swing of things! Two weeks off, followed by the usual craziness of chasing the clock and trying to grab some spare time to blog has left this space fairly empty. However, we’re here and getting stuck into our new novel study. This term we’re looking at the novel His Name Was Walter by Emily Rodda. I have to say, it’s a tricky story for the year 5’s, but we’re getting right into it. One of the first activities we did was to develop character webs in our groups. These are really dynamic and will grow to wall-filling proportions as we learn about the characters and watch them develop and change as the novel unfolds. I’ll post much more about this intriguing story as the term progresses – time allowing.

3 thoughts on “Who’s Walter?

  1. I just miss being at my ‘old school’ heard from Nicholas that everything’s been going crazy after I left the school. Hope I can stay in contact. 🙂

  2. ok aaradhya. There is a new name for you Aaradhya that i made up. It is MILKY. Everyone in my class and the readers you are viewing this blog, call this boy names aaradhya or aaradhya1414 milky.

  3. and when i say names, i mean named

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