Future Leaders

Even the best of people need a helping hand now and again. This is even more true when those “best” people happen to only be aged 10 or 11. So, this week we gave the whole of our year 5 students a day of reflective, self-improvement and leadership activities. We had a visit from the special team from Armed For Life who shared their amazing stories and insights. The presenters shared their experiences of school life, the troubles they had growing up, the decisions they’d made (and wished they could change), and the lessons they’ve learned. It was inspirational stuff! The team also brought special guests: an AFL player, an Aussie rapper, and a super yoga teacher. It was a fabulous day and gave students the tools they can use and refer to throughout their lives.

One thought on “Future Leaders

  1. I loved it! I hope we can do this again soon because it was really fun!

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