Happy Goodbyes

The end of the school year has come around once again in Australia. We’re very different from all the nations in the northern hemisphere in that our school year runs parallel to the calendar year. The big reason for this is that our summer starts in December and ends in February (even though the Aboriginal calendar is so much more appropriate). Consequently, our summer holidays include Christmas, meaning we get the best of all worlds. Strangely, this blog has taken a bit of a dive over the year, possibly because it’s been my first year in this year (year 5) and it’s taken a lot of getting used to and organising. No excuses, though, I’m going to have to “pull my finger out” and do better in 2024.

The last few days are here and, unlike my previous years, I’ll see many of the students again next year as they’ll be returning for year 6. I can’t yet say where I’ll be (an industrial secret of the highest order) but at least I’ll be able to see the kids around the school. I’ve had a ball this year, it’s certainly been one of my very greatest years and the students have been fabulous. Have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant 2024!

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