Just a quick post to congratulate Georgia who currently has 990 visits (Tuesday, 27th August) but will certainly reach the magical 1000 this week. Georgia will be the first student at this school to reach this amazing landmark. Other students are closing in, too, and this should be our best blogging year ever. Well done everyone!

Top Techies!

Many youngsters nowadays are very much into technology. Well, the students from LA19 are no different. Here’s a list of some of the best techie blogs from the class, filled with news, information, tips, movies and fun. Never forget, that without some young people who were once interested in technology we wouldn’t have the iPhone and iPad, apps, Facebook (love it or hate it) and many other things we simply can’t live without in our modern world (including the computer you’re reading this on).

Sam, Jonny, Tristan

Gamers News

If there are any gamers out there wanting to know what the gaming world is like for year 6’s in WA then Tristan’s blog could be just the one for you. His knowledge of the gaming world is exceptional and his understanding of the technology required to get seriously involved is fully explored on his blog. If you want to know more then check it out and be ready to be genuinely impressed.

Blog of the Week

A new feature that I want to introduce is “Blog of the Week”. The purpose of this is to highlight a student who is demonstrating an enthusiastic and positive attitude to their blogging. This award doesn’t mean that the blog being featured is the best one, it is more an award for effort, enthusiasm, dedication and talent in any particular area of blogging.

The first blog of the week is Monika’s blog. Despite being in hospital to have her tonsils out, Monika still managed to post 40 minutes before her operation. She also posted afterwards whilst still in hospital. This is great dedication, Monika. Pay this blog a visit and treat yourself to an informative, interesting read.

Charity Pay Day

Following the fabulous efforts of the girls from LA19 (Georgia, Holly, Pharyn & Tiana) in raising money for Princess Margaret Hospital, the girls got the opportunity, thanks to several of the mums, to hand over their donation. Well done once again, girls for such a caring and generous achievement.

Well Done AGAIN!

Once again I need to say a very deserved “well done” to several of the students for continuing to blog throughout the holidays. Monika, as usual, has continued to be a very prolific writer, and Holly, Tiana, Michael and Pharyn are also putting in an impressive effort. A special mention, though, goes to Georgia who has kept an amazing diary style blog going for the holidays. It has been fascinating to read and is well worth a visit. Well done once again to the students of LA19.

Well done!

Well, we might be on holiday but that hasn’t stopped Georgia and Monika from continuing to post great work on their blogs. Well done girls! Also, a BIG thank you to parents (Oriyah’s, Pharyn’s, Gian’s, Georgia’s) for taking part in the Parent Blogging Challenge. It’s great to have parents involved with what we’re doing.

If any students wish to post while on holiday you can. Tell us about your trips, sleepovers, go-kart races, the tv shows you are watching… If you are from England (or anywhere else, really) it might be a good idea to find your old school, see if they have a blog and leave a polite comment.

On another note, I have been going through the blogs and have noticed that some of you have a number of comments that you need to check. They may need approving or trashing, depending on what they’re like. Remember, some people wait to see if they get a reply from a comment and may be disappointed if it doesn’t arrive. Also, PLEASE check your writing before you publish your posts so you can avoid those simple errors that make us look bad.

Have a safe holiday  🙂

Charity Work

Pharyn, Holly, Georgia, Tiana

This week we had a special “Purple Day” to raise money for Epilepsy. During lunchtime the fantastic girls from LA19 gave their time to continue their own generous charity work collecting for Princess Margaret Hospital, in particular their children’s cancer department. The girls have been incredibly generous in giving their time regularly to follow through with their own plan to raise money to help those less fortunate than themselves. Wonderful work, girls.

Caring Kids


For the past two weeks four of my students (Georgia, Holly, Pharyn and Tiana) have been busy developing a plan to raise money for a cancer charity. Apart from demonstrating just what decent and caring students they are, they have developed the whole project themselves. They came up with three different proposals: a donation request to staff, a jelly bean contest also for staff and a cheaper jelly bean contest for students. They did the planning, approached the principal with their proposal and finally introduced the contest to the students, all done as an extra to their studies. A super effort girls and one you and the school can be proud of.