Charity Work

Pharyn, Holly, Georgia, Tiana

This week we had a special “Purple Day” to raise money for Epilepsy. During lunchtime the fantastic girls from LA19 gave their time to continue their own generous charity work collecting for Princess Margaret Hospital, in particular their children’s cancer department. The girls have been incredibly generous in giving their time regularly to follow through with their own plan to raise money to help those less fortunate than themselves. Wonderful work, girls.

5 thoughts on “Charity Work

  1. Dear Mr. Hope,

    I think it is really wonderful what the girls in our class are doing. Today, as Holly, Georgia and Pharyn are not here, I am helping Tiana at Lunch just like I did at recess. I feel that they are so generous to give up their Recesses and Lunches to raise money for the Child’s Cancer Department at Princess Margaret Hospital. I am very excited to hear exactly how much money they have raised by the time they finish!
    From T’ea

  2. Tea, that’s a fabulous comment, so well written. I totally agree with you about the girls, but you are also generous for stepping in to help when Tiana was on her own. Well done.

  3. Dear Mr. Hope,

    Thank you for the reply! I try hard to make sure my stuff is organised and well written. No problem with helping Tiana! I am hoping that the money they raise and give will be well used and it will definately help people.

    From T’ea

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