Tidy-up Time

Ok, as we get ready to head into our long Easter break we need to think about tidying up our blogs. By now each student who has been given a blog should have completed the following:

  • Recent posts where the spelling and punctuation have been checked thouroughly by yourself and possibly another student
  • A Clustr Map to keep track of visitors
  • An About Me page which conforms to our strict safety rules
  • A post about a favourite song
  • A comment on someone else’s blog which also conforms to our commenting rules
  • A header and background which are free to use, preferably your own photos

This week we will all have the usual 40 minute session during our literacy rotations, but you can always do extra at home and during recess and lunch should you wish. Once we’ve tidied up we’ll be ready for our next task. If you aren’t sure about anything you can ask me or one of the more experienced bloggers.  🙂

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