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Welcome to our class blog. Look for the links down the left hand side to see the blogs the students have created. Please be patient, they are all at different stages of blogging. We welcome your feedback, but please remember, we're only human after all!

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Blogging Task #6

This task is all about each other. I want you to have a look at each other’s blogs and pick two that are very different. The differences should be related to the way the blogs look and the style of their content. Then, write a detailed post about them, explaining the differences and what you think about them. Don’t just pick your close friends, I’d much prefer to see you looking at the blogs you don’t usually read. Also, include a link to the blogs you are discussing. This has to be quite a long post, not just a few lines.


The students have, over the past few weeks, been working with plasticine and technology in order to create claymation movies. The whole process is a very slow one, but the general feel is one of patience and a desire to produce something very worthwhile. In fact, for the first two weeks the students didn’t even get their hands on the plasticine, they instead had to write a storyline and create a storyboard for their movie. The story had to be “do-able” within the timeframe, make sense and not be full of blood, guts and chainsaws! As they were being marked on their plans, the students had to make sure their efforts were their best with clear images and notes. Following this process the characters had to be made from the plasticine before moving on to the filming. Many of the groups are nearly finished and are now in “post-production”, adding credits and music to their movies. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some soon, but here’s a couple of pictures to show what I mean.



Evil Snowmen

Evil Snowmen

Interview With A Teacher II

It’s been a few weeks since Rii Rii’s last podcast (her amazing interview with Ms Sveinbjornsson), but she’s back with her second episode and it’s equally as interesting. This time Rii Rii interviewed our incredibly talented music teacher, Mr Millar and found out some information we never knew about him. Once again, Rii Rii proves what a wonderful interviewer she is and also how our podcasts can be both educational and fun. Podcasts are a great way of allowing students to demonstrate their language skills in a way that doesn’t usually get heard and Rii Rii certainly does that.



Up and Running

The final term for the year is well under way and the big countdown has begun (only 9 weeks left). Whilst the students are largely focused on their transitions to high school, we have lots of work to get through before the year ends and a lot of fun stuff, too. One of the more challenging topics we’ll be looking at in history will be the early migration of the human species out of Africa. We’ll be examining the evidence which supports the scientific theory including DNA evidence, climatology and archaeology. We also have a lot of fun things to prepare, too, especially the graduation performance and the Chritmas carol song. So much to squeeze into such a short time – the pressure will be on!

Not Long Now!

The end of term holidays (in this case the end of term 3) can be a bit of a barren area when it comes to thinking of a blogging topic. Whilst some of our more prolific bloggers (DemiAimeeAbbeyCaitlin and Georgia) have managed to post there’s not a great deal for me to write about. I thought, therefore, that I’d give a quick mention to how the term went.

To be honest, term three was a bit of a weird one – full of ups and downs, positives and negatives, but on the whole it ended with a sense of the students showing real signs of growth and change. Of course, not all the changes we go through are positive, but if we are prepared to use them in a positive way and learn from them then they can become some of our strongest and most influential experiences. I’ve had the pleasure in seeing some of the students work through adversity with courage and dignity, yet emerge with their values and personalities in tact, even stronger in some cases. I can honestly say that there are some young people in this group who leave me with a strong sense of pride. When I see the things they do, the things they say and the way they behave it leaves me with an enormous respect for the amazing people they are. I know if I compared the person I was at their age with the people they are now then they’d be head and shoulders above me for all the right reasons.

Unfortunately, this group only has another ten weeks together. When they return to school they’ll only have a brief time before they wave goodbye to each other (no doubt through floods of tears) and go their separate ways. As we adults know from experience, nothing will be the same again. Some students will be the only ones from the class going to a particular school and may never see many of their friends again. Even those who go to the same high school will find their friendships change as they throw off their connections to their previous life and build new connections to their new one. Either way, things will change and mostly for the better. Change is good, it helps us to grow into the adults we eventually become. What we need to remember, though, are the lessons from each other, that no matter how “different” situations may become we can hold onto our values, our personalities, the things that make us who we are and that have helped us to get this far. All we need to do is look around us and we’ll see all the role models we need, right within our own classroom. I do, I see people who inspire me everyday and feel privileged to have shared their journey.

Enjoy the remaining time we have together!

More Buddies

The students from LA 19 have lately been in great demand due to their expertise in all things technological. Last week we buddied up with some of the year 2s to help them with a QR code maths treasure hunt. The students used iPads to read and answer maths questions and follow clues around the school. We’re working with the remaining year 2s this week. We’re also helping the year 1s to create artistic masterpieces of themselves with the Brushes app, again on the iPad. With school photos and interschool competitions also happening this week it promises to be as hectic as usual.

Scanning the QR code

Scanning the QR code







Reading the clue

Reading the clue







Working together

Working together







Interview With A Teacher

This week our incredible Art specialist, Ms Sveinbjornsson, gave an in-depth interview to our very own budding reporter Ritihia (aka Rii Rii). The finished product, which can be heard below, is the culmination of a process of trial and error which occurred over the last couple of years. If you’re interested in the techie bits of that process and how we came to this final, quality product check out the previous post, The Podcast’s Evolved, below. The great thing about this (apart from Rii Rii’s awesome interview skills and Ms Sveinbjornsson’s openness) is that I had no part in the process – Rii Rii did it all herself, from start to finish. Have a listen to what I hope is the first in a series of Chatting With Rii Rii interviews.


Book Character Day

This week we had a “dress up as a book character” day. I took part myself and dressed up a Matt Smith’s Doctor Who and, if I say so myself, I looked pretty cool (well, bow ties are cool). Unfortunately, I didn’t have any photos taken of myself, but I did have some taken of the students who actually looked even better than I did! It was an amazing day, organised by our incredible Yorkshire import, Mrs Brayshaw. Often on dress up days we have a few people who make an effort, but this time we had probably the biggest and most impressive turnout ever. Check out the photos below for a glimpse of the quality efforts from LA19.

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka














The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts

Mr Stink Diorama

This term we’ve been busily working through our new novel study, Mr Stink by David Walliams (see my bookshelf on the right). We’ve been using an audiobook to listen to the chapters which are read, very entertainingly, by David Walliams himself and Matt Lucas, both of Little Britain tv fame. The audiobook means that all students, regardless of reading ability, can work together at the same time on their studies to help develop their comprehension skills. We listen to two chapters per week and I’ve created questions and activities, thoroughly researched, which we work with after every listening. Recently, the students were required to create a diorama of one of the scenes, either a scene of the characters in a coffee shop or of the characters in a shed. The students seemed to really enjoy this creative task and a couple of their examples can be seen below.

Georgia's Diorama

Georgia’s Diorama








Jackson's Diorama

Jackson’s Diorama








Ritihia's Diorama

Ritihia’s Diorama

Star Bloggers

This is a short post to give a bit of a “shout-out” to a few bloggers who’ve recently gone above and beyond the usual expectations to demonstrate their blogging and writing ability. The blogs are an incredibly useful asset for myself as they give a great insight into the ability of the students. As the students are producing writing that’s visible to everyone (myself, school admin, parents, friends…) the assumption is that the finished product is representative of the type of work the students would be proud to have displayed, in effect their best work. Blogs can also reflect the attitude of the students. Whilst some rarely post unless instructed to do so by myself, others make a great effort in order to demonstrate their ability in such diverse styles such as recipes, personal thoughts, holiday posts, formal school tasks and hobbies. Some students who deserve a big pat on the back for their great writing and inspiring efforts are Aimee, Demi and Kianne.