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Welcome to our class blog. Look for the links down the left hand side to see the blogs the students have created. Please be patient, they are all at different stages of blogging. We welcome your feedback, but please remember, we're only human after all!

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Year 1 Podcasts

Towards the end of last term, LA19 buddied up with the year 1 students to create a series of podcasts. The benefits of this collaboration were extensive. The senior students had to develop their interpersonal skills, planning questions and adjusting their tone of voice to suit the younger students. They also had to be very patient and use their listening skills to ensure they allowed the younger students to have their say. Also, they had to monitor the conversation and try to ensure it continued to flow without any long, empty spaces. All in all it was a very difficult task for the students, but they managed it very well. Check out the two examples below from Georgia and Abbey.



Holiday Bloggers

Sometimes it’s difficult for students to keep up with their blogging, especially during holiday time. As well as enjoying trips away with their families, students also have the important business of hanging out with their friends, going to the movies and long, lazy lie-ins to enjoy. Despite all that, two students have made an extra effort to keep everyone informed of their holiday activities and are well worth a read. Check out the blogs of Aimee and Georgia.

Holiday Project

So far my school holiday has been notable mostly for being the time I caught a dreadful strain of the flu. We had a short, three day break in Yallingup (which I’m sure is one of the coldest and wettest places on Earth) which I didn’t enjoy due to my racking cough and bouts of high temperature. It seems that colds and flus hold off for teachers until the term is over, then they strike! Apart from that I’ve spent my time productively, building a TARDIS DVD cabinet. It isn’t finished yet, but I thought I’d post a picture of what it looks like so far. As my woodworking skills are particularly amateur it’s taking me quite a while and has resulted in a number of fingers finding out just how sharp saws can be. I now need to get the signs, one of which I ordered from that amazing site Etsy, and try and match the colour. I’ll post again as the project moves further ahead.


Real Life Maths

This week we’ve been putting the learning we’ve done in the classroom during Maths to practical use. The students have developed their skills in working out the areas of different shapes. In order to get a better understanding of the practical application of their skills they’ve been busy working out the areas of different places around the school. Once they worked out the area, the second part of the task was to price up replacing the grass in one area and the paving in several others. The prices are all genuine from websites around the metro area and, when calculated, will give the real cost of the jobs for the students. The complexity of the areas was also challenging with students having to identify shapes within shapes in order to measure identifiable parts. Once measured they had to add some together or subtract areas that fell within the main body but were not required. To complete the task the students, in their groups, collaborated on Google Drive to present their results. Below are some images of the students in action.

Sarah, Jonny and Jackson

Sarah, Jonny and Jackson







C-J and Abbey working hard.

C-J and Abbey working hard.







Georgia and Long

Georgia and Long




I know it’s not all about the winning and that we should promote the idea that to participate is the real goal (which we do), but it’s great to see the beaming smiles on the faces of the students when we win. Last week we took part in a sports carnival against several other teams in soccer, modcross, netball and Aussie rules football. It was an amazing day (thanks to our legendary Phys. Ed. specialist Mr Jones) and we managed to come away with most of the trophies on offer. The Aussie rules team were successful, as were the modcross team, whereas the netball teams came a solid second and the boys’ soccer team had some very impressive wins. However, the team that I was in charge of, the girls’ soccer team, won the coveted trophy. This was a trophy that our school has never won, but we knew following our practise games (a previous post) that we were in very good shape. The girls were magnificent, winning 5 out of their 6 games, but what stood out for me was their team spirit, their sense of fair play and their desire to run themselves into the ground, draining their last drops of energy to make sure they gave their best.

It was a great moment when the girls were called up to receive the trophy and I can say that I was absolutely proud of each and every one of them.

The Champions!

The Champions!

The Secret Me

Our 2014 photographic exhibition is now on display in our library. Each year we have a different theme to concentrate on and this year’s was “The Secret Me”. The students had to think about the type of person they are behind closed doors, what they’re like when no one else is watching them. Okay, this was a little personal, though no one had to do anything they felt uncomfortable with. It was also a bit of a contradiction, after all, by showing your secret side to the world it’s no longer secret!

Deciding on a photo that would show their secret side was quite a challenge for the students and involved a lot of thought and planning. However, that wasn’t the end of it. “The Secret Me” is a depiction of how we change once behind closed doors, the side of our personality we keep more private, so the students had to take a second photo that would act as their “door”, a symbol of privacy like a “Keep Out” sign. Yes, this was even trickier! The two images were then combined using different layers and different degrees of opacity so the finished image gave the impression to the viewer of seeing through the “door” to the private person hiding behind.

To complement their photos the students wrote a free verse poem. We looked at alliteration, personification, simile and metaphor, onomatopoeia, line length and punctuation. The poems could only be short so the students had to get their emotions and feelings across quickly and efficiently. Despite this the results were quite exceptional and totally complemented the photos. Check out these two from Demi and Kianne.

Demi - Impatient

Demi – Impatient











I feel Impatient (Surrounded)
It surrounds me,
wrapping me
in it’s slimy fingers.
I shake.
I move.
But I can’t get out of
it’s locked clasp.
Which one shall it be this time.
I’m getting used to the pain now.
It almost seems funny.

Kianne - Angry

Kianne – Angry











I Feel Angry
No one knows.
Chains surround me,
trying to get my soul.
Crushing me,
smothering me.
Anger comes out
from my mind,
trying to break it.
Tried and tried,
but it’s too strong.
I can’t breathe,
it’s too hard!
What have I done?
What did I do wrong
that made people scared
to help me with this

Boys’ Blogging

For a great “boy” read this week take a look at Macca’s blog. His latest post where he talks about his recent visit to the Toodyay skatepark is an excellent example of the type of topics perfect for boys. Sometimes it can be tricky to get boys interested in writing, which is why I think blogs are a really useful tool for teachers. Instead of limiting students to write only on the topics they are given in class, blogs allow them to indulge in their own interests. Take a look at Macca’s blog, but be warned,  it may not make sense if you are as old as I am!

School Sports

This week our boys and girls soccer, football (Aussie Rules), modcross and netball teams played practise games against the students from another local school. This was in preparation for our major interschool sports competition next week where we will play against teams from across the district. Unlike our previous outing where all our teams won every game, this time we were tested a quite a bit more. Unfortunately, most of the teams didn’t fare well, though none of them were actually thrashed. However, the incredible girls’ soccer team (of which I happen to be the humble coach) enjoyed a 5 to nil win. This comes after our previous game where we won 15 to nil. So far our plucky goalkeeper, Jen, has kept a clean sheet (let’s hope this continues), but that is in a large part down to the outfield players who have demonstrated skill, tenacity and courage in what have been some very physical, hard fought contests. Check out the photo’s of the girls in action.

Aimee drives the ball forward.

Aimee drives the ball forward.

Chloe makes a dash through the centre.

Chloe makes a dash through the centre.

Year 1 Art Buddies

Last week the caring, sharing students from LA19 buddied up with our wide eyed year 1 classes to produce some art on the iPads. This was very exciting for both groups, but particularly for us. Every time our year 7 students buddy up with the younger students they come over all caring and parental, it’s great to see (though I don’t think they’ll thank me for writing that). The point of the activity was to give the year ones an idea of the creative potential of the iPads and to help develop their skills in using them. We used the Brushes app (as we have on many occasions) and used layers to create a painted picture of a photo that was also taken with the iPad. The year 7s are only allowed to use their voice to explain things to the year ones, in that way the year ones will gain the most from their experience. It will take us a few weeks to work our way through the year ones, but check out the examples below of what we’ve achieved so far.

Photo 6-06-2014 9 29 24 am (HDR)

Photo 6-06-2014 9 31 11 am

Blogging Task #4

This post is one for the students.

For Blogging Task #4 I want you to watch this video and tell me what you think. Do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea? Do you agree with any of the reasons behind why it’s being done? Would it be good for you and your family? What about the teachers (very important)?

Give me your opinion along with your reasons. You might want to put forward a compromise; perhaps some points are good and along with your own ideas you could make the situation even better.