Blogging Task #3

Do you have a favourite factual or lifestyle programme? I do; mine is American Pickers on A & E, Foxtel. I like to see the things they find from the past. They sometimes find some amazing objects that really bring social history to life and tell the story of how real people lived. The people the pickers meet can be incredibly interesting and they’ve often lived an exciting or unusual life. They can often be seen living on large areas of land with amazing collections of artifacts that the rest of us would class as trash. These collections have built up over many years and it’s fascinating to find out how and why these people got to this point in their lives. I also like the scenery that we get to see from the eastern states of America, some of it is quite stunning and it looks a beautiful place to live. The hosts are pretty interesting, too, and seem to be genuinely decent people.

Tell me about a factual or lifestyle programme that you like. Describe it and explain why you like it

3 thoughts on “Blogging Task #3

  1. Dear Mr Hope,
    I was wondering when we will get our next blog task because I have recently just posted two posts and I wanted to post some more but I just can’t think of anything to write about?!??!!

  2. Dear Mr. Hope

    I do not really have a programme to write about. I might have to think about what I watch all the time. Still, what should I do about this problem?

  3. Same I have done all the blogging tasks but I keep writing weird stuff that don`t mean anything so Mr. Hope can you put a blooging task on PLEASE!

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