Our Recent Assembly Item

Our class (LA19) along with the class next door (LA18) recently produced a movie for our assembly item. The vision was supplied by Mrs Boylan and the technological know-how by myself. Originally the narrative parts were supplied live by the two singers (Callen and Sarah), but for this movie I’ve added them to the whole project. I hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Our Recent Assembly Item

  1. What a great item, very funny. Well done to all of you. Mr Jones is a hero…I think?

  2. Besides riding around on a pretend horse I don’t think Mr Jones actually did anything too heroic. Great job on the video though guys, the rest of the school have been talking about it ever since.

  3. Dear Mr.Hope, your students blogs are amazing!! I’ve only seen a few but I can’t wait to see more. My kids can’t wait till they get to start blogging. The video was great also. Thank you for making my job easier.

  4. Dear Rose, thanks for your kind words. I’m very proud of the effort that the students have made. Obviously, as with traditional class work, the results can differ from student to student. However, even the students who find writing difficult have enjoyed increased motivation and success through their blogs. Please feel free to use anything you find here, particularly with regard to the tricky topic of blogging tasks. Also, if your students wish to practise their comments on our blogs they are more than welcome. Good luck with your blogging and let us know when you get yours up and running and we will all pay you a visit.

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