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This week we’ve had a concerted push to try and spread a little of the technology we use at school further across the age ranges. On Thursday we had a PD afternoon where four of the students from LA19 helped show the staff how to create podcasts. Following this, some of the students went across the school on Friday to help tutor other students in the skills of producing podcasts with the iPads. Below are a selection of these fabulous efforts. These are just the first few and will be added to shortly. I hope you enjoy them.


6 thoughts on “Tech Across The Years

  1. Well Holly, you have a marvellous speaking voice for radio and television but i particularly liked the way you handled those pre primary students, keeping them talking and asking them questions. I think you have the makings of a teacher!!!! Thank you all of Mr Hopes class for helping LA18. We really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

  2. Just to ask, who was the person in the first pod cast? I thought it was Holly but now I’m thinking it may have been someone else. Who ever you are, you did a wonderful job as well.

  3. Mrs Boylan, yes it was Holly for both and I totally agree that her patience and questioning skills were incredible, especially considering she had no prior warning or time to plan her role. Tiana and Blake were also involved and I hope to be putting their efforts on, too.

  4. That was wonderful – great job Holly. I agree with Mrs Boylan, perhaps we have a teacher in the making here.

  5. Very cool great talking by holly.


  6. Holly, well done for finishing both podcast.

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