Blogging Task #11

Recently, a young girl called Malala Yousufzai just missed out on winning one of the greatest prizes in the world – the Nobel Peace Prize. Each year the person or organisation who has contributed to the achievement of peace throughout the world is nominated for the Nobel prize. Unfortunately, Malala didn’t win, but the fact that such a young person was nominated was amazing.

Malala came to the attention of the world after being shot in the head by the Taliban. In the area of Pakistan where she lived the Taliban doesn’t believe girls should receive an education. However, Malala strongly believed in the rights of everyone to have access to an education and began a blog calling for equal rights. This was how the Taliban found her. They followed her as she went home from school and shot her in the head. The two videos below tell an amazing story of just what an individual, no matter how young, can achieve. What do you think? What problems in the world would you use your blog to fight for? What issues are important to young people today that you could use your blog to support?


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