A Sensitive Issue

During one of our recent My Place episodes one of the child characters passed away. This gave us a perfect opportunity to discuss the sensitive issue of what we believe happens to us when we die. Strangely, though, whilst I thought it may be too sensitive the students were more than happy to discuss the whole issue. With their usual level of enthusiasm and openness the students plunged headlong into the discussion and produced a series of fascinating podcasts. While some of our previous podcasts have been very formal (such as the “Stolen Generation”) and some have been fun and informal (mainly our “free topic” chatty ones) this one sort of fell somewhere in the middle.

Prior to doing the podcasts a set of guidelines were issued regarding respecting the beliefs and cultures of each other. However, whilst this was a sensible precaution it proved totally unnecessary as there wasn’t a single instance of such negative behaviours all day. I’ve included three podcasts here and I hope you find them as interesting as I do.


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