Year 1 Art Buddies

Last week the caring, sharing students from LA19 buddied up with our wide eyed year 1 classes to produce some art on the iPads. This was very exciting for both groups, but particularly for us. Every time our year 7 students buddy up with the younger students they come over all caring and parental, it’s great to see (though I don’t think they’ll thank me for writing that). The point of the activity was to give the year ones an idea of the creative potential of the iPads and to help develop their skills in using them. We used the Brushes app (as we have on many occasions) and used layers to create a painted picture of a photo that was also taken with the iPad. The year 7s are only allowed to use their voice to explain things to the year ones, in that way the year ones will gain the most from their experience. It will take us a few weeks to work our way through the year ones, but check out the examples below of what we’ve achieved so far.

Photo 6-06-2014 9 29 24 am (HDR)

Photo 6-06-2014 9 31 11 am

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  1. I like how your poems went how did it feel to be in cross country

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