The Giants

This week The Giants came to Perth as part of the incredible Perth Festival. The Giants are huge puppets that are powered by amazing, energetic people, pulling ropes, swinging from trucks and abseiling from cranes in spectacular red uniforms. The puppets come alive and walk through the street, although a huge part of the attraction is watching the operators as they perform their medieval-like manoeuvres. Have a read of the blogs of Savannah, Shantelle and Tarnika as they pass on their experiences of this fabulous weekend.

4 thoughts on “The Giants

  1. Hi Mr. Hope!
    I’ve been reading the other students blogs and I can see so many students have great and unique writing skills! It’s probably because they have the best teacher! 🙂

  2. Michael, good to hear from you. I hope things are going well at high school and that you’re managing to keep up with your story writing.

  3. Mr. Hope,
    High school’s going great I’ve found it a lot easier to understand than Primary School.
    I used to hate science in Primary School but now it’s my favourite subject even though Jonny keeps bossing around on what to do. I’ve been trying so hard to fit my stories in but I also have to find time for my homework! 😛

  4. I didn’t get time to go to the giants because, sadly, mum was working and couldn’t take us. It sounds sooooo awesome – glad you could make it 🙂

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